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          1. Metriguard Veneer

            Strength tested with a smooth finish

            True. Trusted. Tolko.

            With metriguard veneer, you can harness the experience we’ve poured into designing our T-PLY products to create your own decorative plywoods or overlays.

            Our high-grade spruce and Douglas fir veneer is sold to manufacturers for use in between the inner layers of decorative hardwood plywood and furniture-grade plywood, as well as for overlay panels, which require a smooth finish.


            Build better with Metriguard

            Our Douglas fir veneer is strength-tested by our Metriguard Veneer Tester during the drying process. Only veneer that passes the test is sold to manufacturers of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL).


            Dry Veneer Available

            Metriguard (G1, G2, G3)

            1/10”, 1/8”, 1/6”



            Up to B grade veneer
            Full sheets of random


            Call our veneer sales team to ask about metriguard veneer.